Who we are

Mesa Financial are a finance broker that has a passion for working with entrepreneurs.

We offer solutions in numerous lending lines. The business was born due to the frustrations we had whilst working in a retail bank and constantly having to decline valuable clients. Mesa has access to whole of market advice and our priority is assisting our clients in meeting their financial goals.

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We are an independent firm of Estate agents based in Kensington & Chelsea looking for a professional approach to our clientele and thankfully came across Mesa Financial Consultants, they have helped a number of our clients with their excellent service.
K Ryan, Entrepreneur

Why choose us

We believe our understand and expertise of the market are what puts us in the leading seat of any brokers across the UK.

We offer a free initial consultation which will determine exactly how we plan to move forward with your goals. MESA can act at pace, which allows us to control the whole borrowing process for our clients.

Not only do we advise on lending and protection, but endeavor to work side by side with all of their existing financial partners. Whether it be accountants, solicitors or other financial advisers, by working with them we can create a full understanding for our clients.

From their tax position to their legal position to their lending position. This together with a strong network of partners allows us to differentiate ourselves from other brokers. We aim to build on-going working relationships with our client base. We therefore offer a relationship management service, within which regular financial reviews will be essential.

  • We offer a range of flexible mortgage options from the whole market,that have been shaped to support you in buying, remortgaging or improving your property.
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How we can help you

The way we help our clients is making them understand their full financial position and then offering solutions that fit their individual needs.

We understand that people can get extremely stressed and confused about their financial situation. We take this worry and stress away by simplifying it as much as possible.

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Speak to one our fully qualified advisors absolutely free of charge to see if we can help you.

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