Politicians – You are disgraceful!

By James Mcgregor on Jul 23, 2020

I have never understood politics and I don’t think I ever will. There is something not quite right about a group of middle aged men (mostly), that were born with a silver spoon deciding what is best for the country. However would these arrogant, spoilt cretins that act like children really understand what is going on. If you watch a debate in the house of commons, it is an absolute shambles and quite simply embarrassing that these adults who argue like a group of 10 year olds are responsible for the future of this country. Imagine walking in to a boardroom of a FTSE 100 company to see the board of directors shouting at each other and making personal digs about each others views.

What has spurred this rant? Well the fact that two years ago the conservative party called a pointless referendum vote for a ‘laugh’ to try and show off to some of their idiot friends. Then the vote doesn’t go as planned, so the moron that called this pointless vote in the first place decides he can’t deal with the mistake he has made and decides to go on holiday for the foreseeable future, leaving the shit storm behind for everyone else to pick up the pieces. At this point the UK was trying to still claw its way out out of a recession, this pointless exercise then took us 10 steps back. All the uncertainty then caused everything to go on hold whilst a plan was put in place for ‘Brexit’. 

Let’s skip forward two years as nothing has really happened in this time. It seems like now is the only time these so called leaders have finally sat down together to discuss ‘Brexit’. At this point every one for the leave camp has realised the task in hand is too big to handle, they have shat themselves and resigned. So after promising the whole country the absolute world for the last two years every, single person responsible has now resigned from their position, mainly so they can point the finger and blame other people for the monstrosity they have caused.

To be honest my opinion on this situation is as follows, I am not fussed what happens either way. Democracy rules at the end of the day, if we vote to leave then let’s put our heads together and work out a way to leave. If we vote to stay then again the same applies. But due to the fact these moronic politicians are all out their acting for their own interests you have every political party split in their beliefs, each party is just focused on trying to gain ground every time the other party makes a mistake. What a joke that is. Then add the fact that all the people responsible for this mess are resigning from their positions and walking off in to the sunset without a worry in the world, it is clear we are being lead by a bunch of self centred egotistical simpletons. Everyone that has caused this absolute shit storm should be held responsible and taken to court for damages, if they are unable to repay the cost I would throw them all in prison. How are we in a position that when we vote, we are now voting for what party is going to cause less damage to the country as opposed to what party will lead our country for the best interest of the people. What a time to be alive … Donald Trump is president of the most powerful country in the world and he’s doing a better job than our own leadership in the UK (I am not a Trump supporter by the way, I think he's moronic pig).

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