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What is Asset Finance?

Asset finance is a flexible funding option that allows your business to access equipment, property, technology and other assets without compromising cash flow as you don’t purchase upfront.

You can release cash from assets you already own or use your assets as security against a loan.

The popularity of asset finance has rapidly increased in recent years. It is suitable for every sized business in every industry.

Types of Asset Finance

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase allows you acquire an asset and then spread the cost over an agreed period of time. At the end of this agreed timeframe you can decide whether to purchase the asset outright, sell or upgrade. You are able to use the asset as your own, even though you don’t officially own the asset until you have paid it all off.

Essentially this means you’re spreading the cost of your investment over its lifetime, making it far easier for you to budget and keep your cashflow healthy.

What are the benefits of hire purchase?

-Manageable repayments over the lifetime of the asset rather than one big pay-out

-Seasonal options available – repayments can take into account any fluctuations in your cash flow due to seasonality

-Expand and improve your business

Equipment Leasing

Your lender buys the asset for you and charges a monthly fee for you to rent it for an agreed term. At the end of this term you can either decide to extend this lease, pay the outstanding balance so you own it, upgrade, or return the asset back to the lender.

Asset Refinance

This is a great option to release cash into your business from assets you already own. You could also use it to combine debt or give yourself security when negotiating a deal. Furthermore, you don’t even have to own the asset. Lenders will base the loan on the equity you own.

Is Asset Finance right for you?

When to use asset finance

Asset finance is designed for any kind of business, no matter what size. It is suitable for people who need access to a high value item to support their businesses growth and would prefer to spread the cost.

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