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What Has The Pandemic Taught Businesses?

By the end of March we would have basically been in lock down for a whole year, minus a few summer months where the generous government gave us some half price food. With this in [...]

Is The High Street Dying?

So another high street main player is currently on the brink of collapse it seems. Reading an article today regarding the struggles of House of Fraser and it made me think about the high street [...]

Why would you use a mortgage broker?

So working as a mortgage broker we help a huge range of clients, from first-time buyers to portfolio landlords to families upsizing and so on. This allows me to look at ways we assist our [...]

Charity Awareness Evening

I am writing this post to raise awareness for a charity I have recently started working with called Eikon. Eikon is a local charity based in Surrey that offers help to children with mental health Issues. [...]

Self Employed Mortgages

It seems there are a lot of mis-conceptions when it comes to getting a mortgage for self employed people these days and I read information that is incorrect on a daily basis. This information coming [...]