International Mortgages

Lending across multiple countries can be extremely complex. There are several factors to navigate including currencies, regulation and completely different legal guidelines in each jurisdiction.

For many years we have worked with clients who operate across multiple cities in Europe. We’re adept at finding solutions to assist our clients buying properties internationally. Many European countries have very different tax systems to the UK, so it is important that our clients take advice on this specific area.

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What is an International Mortgage?

International mortgages cover a variety of situations. These commonly include:

  • Foreign national with UK property Investment or residential over £500k
  • UK Expat with UK Property investment or residential over £500k
  • Foreign national or UK national with property in Spain, Italy or France over £5m

Specialist Access

With access to International private banks and investment banks, Mesa Financial can assist with debt structuring on prime and super prime assets in the main cities across Europe.

When looking at borrowing against these assets, lenders will want to understand the overall wealth of our clients. This helps us to find a deal that can be structured around the client.

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    Case study: Our service

    £35m Mortgage Across Properties in London, Marbella & Cannes

    One of our existing clients contacted us to look into releasing some liquidity against their property portfolio. The client wanted to simultaneously expand their property portfolio, whilst also spreading risk away from property.

    The main issues for the Mesa Financial specialist to overcome:

    • Properties were across 3 different countries
    • Income is structured across different tax legislations
    • Speed was crucial in order for the client to be able to buy the new London property they wanted.

    The Solution

    • We very quickly engaged with an investment bank that we knew had a footprint in each country
    • We were able to structure a fast solution that was built around the client and allowed our client to acquire the new London asset in cash
    • The deal enabled the client to borrow at 2% over the Euribor on a full interest only basis
    • They were able to buy the property in cash whilst also free up liquidity for further purchases and invest with the investment bank to spread risk away from property
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    Case Studies

    I’m moving into my dream home thanks to Mesa – I’d recommend them to anyone and I feel very lucky to have been taken care of by a company that gave me such brilliant support

    Alexandra Winter

    We have been so impressed with Mesa Financial. They have a highly knowledgeable and skilled team. The customer service has been amazing throughout the process and they are always available to you via phone or email. Highly recommend them – very professional service.

    Nina Jay

    Mesa has supported me through the whole process of getting a mortgage. My contact reference was always reliable and always promptly took action to make sure everything would move ahead smoothly. Brilliant service.

    Robin Ancilotto